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Project Team – How to choose a Winning Team Success in project delivery is only as good as the project team working on it. It is a very important step during the project planning process. As a project manager, you fully rely on the project team to deliver the project. What is a project team? Typically a project team consists of people from different […]

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How to Rescue a Derailed Project A derailed project is the last thing any Project Manager wants to be in the middle of. It may be your project that got derailed or you have been assigned a derailed project. A derailed project creates a loss which the business has to heal from. Lost business, lost trust in the project, lost confidence […]


Managing Your Project Sponsor

source url Who is your Project Sponsor? There are many ways to describe this person. Some of the phrases used to describe this person include: The person whose neck is on the line if the project is not successful The person who is paying for the project The person who will benefit the most from having the […][uid]=3605 option fair

Dealing with Slackers In all the years I have managed and lead projects, what stood out or made a difference in a project was the project team. One of the key knowledge areas to be aware of as a project manager is Project Human Resource Management. Project teams are made up of individuals. Each individual behaves differently and […]

What do employees really want? So this week, I got a friend who is an expert in HR to share her expertise on the question all PMs and employers ask. I have handled projects where the key resources leave the organization and the result is sometimes almost paralyzing to the project. The effort it takes to replace the resource and […]

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