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Project Meetings – Are They Really Necessary?

bumble app dating android It happens that all projects are run by means of meetings. Sometimes it feels like you are in meetings all the time. If you are running multiple projects at the same time, your calendar looks something like you need to clone yourself several times to attend all of them. So do we really need project […]

Managing Your Project Sponsor Who is your Project Sponsor? There are many ways to describe this person. Some of the phrases used to describe this person include: The person whose neck is on the line if the project is not successful The person who is paying for the project The person who will benefit the most from having the […]

What does it take to be a Project Manager?

source There is a school of thought that a project manager is about a person and their personality and character. Project Managers just are. You can’t build a project manager. Then there is the other school of thought that says project managers can be built and molded.  In my opinion, both schools of thought have a […]

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Signs That Your Project Is Headed to Status “In Trouble”

go here In the course of managing projects, you are bound to come across a project that has been declared “In Trouble”. Sometimes, you can be working on a project that started “On Plan” and somewhere along the way, its status quickly changes to “In Trouble”. Here are some phrases that indicate you could be heading to […]

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What do employees really want? So this week, I got a friend who is an expert in HR to share her expertise on the question all PMs and employers ask. I have handled projects where the key resources leave the organization and the result is sometimes almost paralyzing to the project. The effort it takes to replace the resource and […]