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Are All Projects Doomed to Cost Overruns?

http://blog.eugeneglassmenagerie.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http://blog.eugeneglassmenagerie.com/?p=4 All projects have a budget, hopefully. Let me rephrase, all projects should have a budget. Cost management is a tricky area purely because it is the one assumed to be the easiest to manage. It is also the one where if you get it wrong, the impact is easily felt. Everybody understands the language of […]

Managing Your Project Sponsor

buy Viagra online in Colorado Springs Colorado Who is your Project Sponsor? There are many ways to describe this person. Some of the phrases used to describe this person include: The person whose neck is on the line if the project is not successful The person who is paying for the project The person who will benefit the most from having the […]

How Projects Are Selected

no prescription generic Lamictal As project managers, we tend to be assigned a project that has already been decided upon. This means that an executive decision has already been made by the board or the CEO to proceed with this project. In most organizations, the decision on what projects to undertake are decided upon when the strategy is being […]

What Makes Projects Succeed? – Part 2

Welcome back! Last post, I shared two common reasons why projects fail. In case you missed it, check it out here.  So here’s part 2…. 3. Poor execution When project execution is poor, it is clear for all to see. It is pretty simple: expected outputs are not delivered. All the previous stages (initiation and […]

Welcome to The Practical PM

Welcome to www.thepracticalpm.com. This is a blog written by a practicing PMP® Certified Project Manager for Project Managers who are in the trenches running projects, Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, Project Team Members  or anyone who is  interested in Project Management as a discipline. Project Management is a minefield, even to those who have been in […]