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follow link Recently LinkedIn reminded me that I have been at my current job for two (2) years this week. It has been quite the roller coaster but I wouldn’t change a thing. It got me thinking about the concept of milestones. In project world, milestones is a very frequently used word. Let’s get right to it. […]

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Are All Projects Doomed to Cost Overruns?

go to link All projects have a budget, hopefully. Let me rephrase, all projects should have a budget. Cost management is a tricky area purely because it is the one assumed to be the easiest to manage. It is also the one where if you get it wrong, the impact is easily felt. Everybody understands the language of […]

How To Build A Project Plan Hey people, So this week, I have decided to go straight to the one thing that all project managers are expected to produce: A project plan. Here are the key components that make a project plan. Project tasks Once the project teams have decided what needs to be done, a list of activities must be populated. […]